Romi Romi: Maori Bodywork With Anaru Paine

If you’re attracted to therapies that fast-track the clearance and realignment of your entire being, then this ancient Maori bodywork is for you. With no exaggeration, my Romi Romi session was probably the most physically painful experience of my life. A friend who had a session put it perfectly when she said “It’s amazing that a body can survive that and feel ok the next day!”. However, as the aptly named Mr Paine explains in the video below, he doesn’t cause pain. Instead, he releases existing pain from the body.

I’ve been in the deep process of shifting a life-pattern since last Christmas. Actually, I’ve been trying to shift it my whole life, but I began very consciously participating in the release of it right around that time. Every body part corresponds with a particular aspect of life, and every now and then Anaru would ask me if I had a certain issue since something was showing up in the corresponding area, say my knee or my hips. Sure enough, everything around this particular issue I’ve been letting go surfaced in the session, ripe for the plucking. Yes, it did hurt. A lot. But only fleetingly if I’m honest. Once it’s gone, you almost forget that it hurt at all… I repeat, almost. But damn, the pain really pails when you know it’s aiding the swift release of things you’ve been holding onto for a lifetime – if not lifetimes plural. I knew it was good for me. I just knew.

Tears flowed and god only knows what noises came out of me. I was aware it was happening, but almost completely unselfconscious in the releasing moans and groans that spilled forth. I couldn’t have remained silent had I tried, nor did I want to. I was as allowing as I could be in the moment. At times I could feel certain areas of my body lock up stubbornly, afraid to let go of their cellular memories. But this is work that continues long after you’ve left the table; nearly a week later I can still feel myself unravelling. And it is nothing short of joyful.

I’ve had emotional-release bodywork before, but this was on another level. It’s such a pure technique. The prospect would be terrifying if Anaru wasn’t so calm and gentle in his manner. He weaves wise one-liners, anecdotes and humour into the work, and he sings ancient songs to comfort your soul when you need it most.

Anaru Paine travels to the UK (he’s based in New Zealand) several times a year. You can get in contact with him directly at

There are a couple of sessions available with Anaru in London next  Tuesday, 1st October 2013. Ring Kira Goldy (who also gives incredible readings and bodywork sessions herself) on 07762437032 to book your place now.

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