Mind Body Spirit Festival: Brighton 2013


Street art in Brighton. Photo by dprezat.

Popping down to one of my favourite places, Brighton, for the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival was such a treat! Inside the venue, which was right on the seafront, I poked around the stands selling anything and everything a hippie could possibly want. Crystals, incense, books and superfood stands jostled with healers of every discipline. The main stage buzzed with a constant stream of free concerts and talks.

First on my agenda was a curious light machine designed by art collective Light Eye Mind. This was one of the trippiest experiences of my life, hands down. Told only to sit back and enjoy the ride, I was astonished to have a colourful world of tunnels, 3-dimensional rooms and symbols unfold before my closed eyes. I found it so intense that I could only take it for a few minutes, but my guide did confess he’d put me on one of the more intense programmes. It was only afterwards I learned that the machine flashes with white light only, and that each person’s experience will be different depending on how their brain interprets the show. Psychedelic, man. And legal, too.

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I also ventured into the Soul Dome – a 360 degree cinema, which its creators are planning to take a super sized version of to Burning Man next year. Inside the dome, I was treated to a kaleidoscopic film journeying through the chakras. Designed to align your energetic system, the computer-generated films are based on visualisations received during meditation. The colourful 360 degree experience was akin to planetarium trips I’d been taken on as a child – wondrous and all-consuming.

Over the course of the next few days I embarked upon a triad of workshops, all very different from one another, but each equally intriguing and mind-expanding…


barbaracarrellasThe subtitle of this workshop – How To Have a Breath & Energy Orgasm – excited and terrified me in equal measures. Was Barbara going to make us do weird and intimate things with strangers? Eek! I needn’t have worried too much, because she did a brilliant job of putting us all at ease right from the start. Barbara was full of integrity and über-respectful of appropriate boundaries. That doesn’t mean to say that I escaped the blushing of cheeks my entirely. This was an experiential workshop, after all.

We were led through a series of exercises, culminating in full-on “mammalian humping” in mid-air (yep, just like you’ve seen your dog do it). Talk about ice-breaker. Then Barbara’s assistant, Amanda Gay Love, did something I will never forget. She writhed, panted, giggled and moaned her way through a fully-clothed, full-body “breath and energy orgasm” on the floor in front of us. Somehow I had imagined it wouldn’t look or sound like an orgasm as I know it. It sure did. I was left surprised and utterly impressed.

Then it was our turn. Participants scattered to find a good spot on the floor and Barbara walked us through the process step by step. Pretty quickly I got pins-and-needly and crampy all over. Barbara had explained earlier that this was fairly common and totally harmless so I went with it. The sensations became increasingly intense, and by the end it was like I could actually feel small lumps of dense energy, about the size of grapes, running through my hands. My body coursed with energy so strongly that I could practically hear it. I didn’t have an energy orgasm per se, but I’m curious to see just how far the practice can take me in the privacy of my home.


davidhamiltonkylegrayYou can’t not fall in love with these guys. Despite confessing that they almost never prepare for their workshops together, they effortlessly weave in and out of angelic stories – and the science to back them up – as if they’ve been doing it for centuries. And what a punch this combo packs. There’s something consistently thrilling about discovering the reality behind the things you know to be true.

David told us a manifestation story he fondly refers to as the Dove Deodorant Miracle, which had us rolling in the aisles. While travelling, he realised he was running out of his favourite brand of deodorant and worried he wouldn’t have time to pick any up. Bringing this experience of lack into his spiritual practice, he reminded himself that he was a powerful being. So powerful in fact, that a Dove deodorant could simply drop out of the sky and fall into his hand. A week later, while rushing through a busy train station, he bumped into a woman who literally dropped a Dove Deodorant sample into his hand. How wild is that? She had been handing them out to the public as part of a promotion, and just happened to be in David’s path that day!

I was excited when I noticed a really strong yellowy-orange light around David’s right arm and shoulder. I forgot to ask if this meant anything to him, but if I get the chance I will report back. This kind of thing is beginning to happen to me more and more, particularly in the presence of angels (as with Doreen Virtue at the ICDI Conference last month).

Both guys led us through several meditations with varying flavours. I loved their different approaches – David took us beyond even the cellular level of our bodies, while Kyle had us meet and work with grand, loving angelic beings. I was so blissed out.


charlie-morley-interviewIn case you don’t know, a lucid dream is one in which you are aware you’re dreaming. Many of us have had the odd experience with this, but how do you like the sound of taking control of your nighttime adventures, jetting off into the sky superman-stylee, or getting jiggy with your celeb crush? Egoic gratifications aside, you can also use the dream state for more productive pursuits. Apparently, riding a bike or going for a run during dreamtime will increase your waking performance dramatically. Similarly, engaging in spiritual practices, such as meditation, in the dream state will vastly improve their effects.

Charlie wasted no time in giving us a practical tool kit that, if we could actually be arsed to use it, he promised would begin to take effect. Using his suggestions for the initial stage – dream recall – I’ve already had a higher success rate than I would normally. These are easy things to put into practice and they do work.

He gave us some “Reality Checks” to determine when we were dreaming. One of these involves looking at your hand, looking away, then looking back at your hand again. A good 95% percent of the time, if you’re dreaming, your hand will have become something other than your hand when you look back. Charlie has heard it all. Dreamers’ hands frequently shape-shift into elephants, hammers and penises. He urged us to do these kinds of checks in real life as much as possible. The purpose being that, sooner or later, we are bound to incorporate any repetitive habit into our dreams.

Charlie’s talk was fast-paced and thrilling and I have no doubt that putting his tools into practice can unlock a world of wonder and realisation.

Learn more about the festivals and events on the Mind Body Spirit website.

mesmallAbout the author: Amity Roach is the founder of The Alternative Review. She’s a writer, designer and follower of her inner truth. Amity has surrounded herself with spiritual inspiration for as long as she can remember and aspires to be like those she most admires; a conduit for such inspiration. You can follow Amity on Twitter and on Facebook.


With special thanks to all of the MBS team and particularly to Sarah Bramley for all of her help and generosity. xox


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