The Relationship Archangels Podcast: Doreen Virtue


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Connecting Closely with The Angels is a seven month long, transformational series of meditations from angel expert and best-selling author, Doreen Virtue. Each 90-minute podcast introduces the qualities of two or three Archangels, based on their expertise, and guides listeners into releasing past hurts and building the foundations for a positive future.

In The Relationship Archangels (available at, we meet Raguel and Chamuel. Raguel, whose name means “Friend of God,” helps us harmonize friendships and family relationships, whereas Chamuel, whose name means “He who sees God,” is responsible for helping us mend and manifest romantic relationships.


This meditation is best defined as a spiritual formula for healing and manifesting relationships through a journey of forgiving the past, praying for the future, and trusting the angels’ guidance.

First we are reacquainted with our inner child, who reminds us of our innate innocence and purity. This is followed by a visualisation with our parents – which I found very powerful and frank – symbolically aiding us in forgiving and harmonising all of our male and female relationships. To seal our renewed sense of harmony, Archangel Raguel immerses us and our relationships in a loving blanket of light, passing us over to Archangel Chamuel to work on our romantic life.

For many, romantic relationships are particularly tricky to handle and heal from since they often generate a great deal of pent-up emotions and resentment. With the guidance of archangel Chamuel, Doreen guides us into releasing any karmic binds we may have with our past, present, or future romantic partners, from any lifetime.

Regarded as the the locating archangel, Chamuel is also ideal to work with when manifesting future romantic partners and friendships. As Doreen stresses many times during the meditation, the angels can only help us when we request it, as they cannot violate our free will. The meditation closes with an honest and heart-opening prayer, during which we give Archangel Chamuel, our guardian angels, and the guardian angels of our soulmate, permission to orchestrate our divine union.


I discovered the meditation last summer, at a time in my life when I was holding on to a lot of resentment around past romantic relationships and was feeling overwhelmed by existing friendships that felt draining. Venting to friends and family has never come naturally for me, so instead I turned to the angels for support. I asked for help and I was instantly given the answer when Doreen announced the meditation series on her Facebook page.

In the subsequent three months, I dutifully listened to the podcast on a weekly basis and let the Archangels comfort and guide me. One week at a time, the angels helped me delve deeper into my psyche and untangle my fears, giving me the courage to make positive changes in my relationships.

I use this particular meditation any time I feel like I’m falling back into old, negative patterns, knowing that archangels Raguel and Chamuel will work their magic into my aura, recalibrate my energy, and direct me to the perfect blend of relationships that will best foster my spiritual growth.


It’s easy to meditate and be at peace when you are all by yourself, but what really counts on the spiritual path, the real test of our spiritual growth, are relationships.

– Doreen Virtue

It’s taken me years to come to the understanding that our relationships are assignments – each one guiding us, incrementally, to remember who we really are. It’s easy to get caught up in the details and dramas of our relationships, and it takes courage to appreciate the hidden blessing behind any argument, disappointment, betrayal, or even break-up.

Through this meditation, Doreen Virtue has helped me realise that we aren’t alone in all this. We are constantly surrounded by our guardian angels and the powerful, multi-dimensional Archangels who are constantly providing their guidance, healing energy and support, for anything that we need. Through the act of praying, or simply asking for their support, the angels will find a way to communicate with us by sending us signs, books, songs, or even people, to guide us in seeing God in every single relationship.


You can purchase the meditation, along with the entire Connecting Closely with The Archangels series, from Doreen Virtue’s Podcast website. There are also often free meditations available on the site – at the time of publication the Miraculous Archangels podcast is free of charge.

George150About the author: George Lizos is a Self-Empowerment Coach teaching you how to turn obstacles into blessings. His work integrates a variety of spiritual modalities, including Angel therapy, Tarotmancy, Reiki and the Law of Attraction. To learn more about George visit his website and Facebook page.


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