Maternal Oracle: The Mother’s Wisdom Deck


The Mother’s Wisdom Deck is an easy-to-use oracle card deck for mothers. It is soulful, profound and nurturing. And not just for mothers in my opinion! (I’ve had to steal my deck back from my husband’s office and my sister, who is yet to become a mother, just bought herself a copy after enjoying mine so much). Based on archetypes, stories, historical figures and spiritual metaphors, every card holds magic, healing and self-discovery.

It has an accompanying guidebook, which describes each card and image in-depth and gives invitations to deepening enquiries and helpful questions.

It is the deck I am slowly buying for all my mum friends. I so love sharing resources that are soulful and serve to reconnect us spiritually.


It is aesthetically beautiful, soulful, spiritually nurturing and affirming. The artwork and accompanying words for each card are designed to fill you up, re-centre you and get you back on track. Which, let’s face it, is what most mothers need several times a day.

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Photo by Hollie Holden

The ease of picking a card and finding the corresponding section of the guidebook makes it so much easier to digest – bit by bit – than whole books on motherhood. I have piles of the most incredible parenting books on my shelf but simply don’t have time to read them. I dip and scan but a whole book these days is just beyond me. A card deck, which I can take in moment to moment and card by card, whenever I need to come back to myself, is infinitely more practical and interesting to me as a mum to young children.

A couple of examples are the Mirror card – a reminder to love yourself and put yourself first – and the Pearl card – an invitation to a deeper level of authenticity and honesty in your life.


I believe that, as a mother, the most important thing I can do for my children and myself is to find ways to fill myself up on the spiritual level. Finding time for bubble baths and massages is great and we all need to take care of ourselves on that level too. But the spiritual level is the one I have found to be the most important one to focus on. Self-love starts with self-honesty and deep awareness of our patterns and an ability to let go of negative self-concepts. We need resources that help us on the journey to being kinder to ourselves emotionally.


Photo by Hollie Holden

When we feel connected and held, centred and in touch with our soul, we can be the parent we want to be. When we get frazzled, overwhelmed and start to criticise ourselves, it’s a bumpy road with lots of shouting, impatience and generally being the parent we swore we’d never be.

And certain books, card decks and relationships fill me up regularly and set me back on my path. This is one of them.


The deck is surprisingly reasonably priced (in my opinion) considering that it is a lifelong companion on the parenting journey. And also considering how creatively and extensively it can be used with different spreads as well as quick, fill-you-up, one-card readings.

Highly recommended as a Mother’s Day gift. A whole lot cheaper than flowers and will last a lot longer…

HollieautumnAbout the author: Hollie Holden is a mum, writer and explorer of spirituality, personal growth and self-acceptance. She is a student of A Course in Miracles and the Enneagram. Hollie is particularly interested in how we can know how loved we are and how we can be kinder to ourselves. Visit Hollie’s blog and check out her Facebook page.



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