Quantum Life Coaching: Sandra Anne Taylor


The Quantum Life Coaching Certification course by author and life coach, Sandra Anne Taylor, gives you the tools and insights to help guide and coach yourself and others towards personal healing and manifesting a joyful life.

Aimed at shifting your vibration to a higher consciousness and creating a life that reflects this state of being, you work at your own pace through its three levels; Level 1: the Ultimate Magnetic Power, Level 2: Cracking Your Karmic Code, and Level 3: Energy Break Through.


This course is intense! Each of the three levels of the training consist of four 90-120 minute podcasts, where Sandra discusses each lesson and gives homework, yes homework, following each lesson. In Level One: The Ultimate Magnetic Power Intensive, we thoroughly examine Spiritual Law (including the infamous Law of Attraction), as well as examine our core belief patterns that may be holding us back from creating the life experience we desire. We spent time getting clear in what we wish to create for ourselves, and engage tools, meditations, exercises, as well as the higher self to lift our vibration and truly understand what consciousness is and how it creates.


Coursework snapshot – photo by Travis Sanders

In Level Two: Cracking Your Karmic Code, we identify the karmic cycles our soul has been caught up in through the use of past life regression, and learn how to release ourselves from these limiting patterns with Sandra’s “re-scripting process.” Exploring the Akashic Records, A.K.A. Alaya Consciousness, we then move forward in time to see how our beliefs will effect us in this, and future, lifetimes, to make us more conscious of what needs to shift in the here and now.

Lesson Three: Energy Breakthrough, is an intense look at the energetic anatomy, or chakra system. By gaining a more in-depth understanding of these energy centers and their influence upon our life, we can learn to identify blocks in energy. We learn to clear these stuck, “reactive patterns” to get our energy flowing once again. In Lesson Three we also discover how to build relationships with Celestial Helpers such as Angels, Guides, and Master Teachers, who assist us in empowering our lives and evolving our souls.

For me, the most powerful part of the last level of the course was a method by which we literally learned how to code or wire new neural pathways (avenues of thought) in the brain through simple yet profound processes.


My experience was truly transformational. I would try to listen to at least one of podcasts every week, though often times I would do a lesson a day. After I fully sat, listened and absorbed the teachings, I would then read through the written material provided and begin on my homework.

As I stated earlier, this course is very involving and is not something that one can simply breeze through. The homework really requires the student to get very honest with themselves about their lives, beliefs, insecurities and shadows that need to be healed and transformed. It requires us to look at those things insides ourselves, and parts of our own reflection that we see as ugly, to get to the root of the issue to bring necessary healing.


Coursework & quartz – photo by Travis Sanders

I completed the course in about 3 months, but you’re given up to almost a full year to finish and submit the work. In the time it took me to complete, I experienced profound changes in my life. I was able to heal significant wounds from the past, I quit smoking cigarettes, I manifested a relationship, and doubled my client-base – and income. When I say this course has the power to change your life, I am not kidding!


This isn’t the kind of course where you finish and and set the materials aside at the end. The modalities and understandings imparted here are effective tools that you can, and should, continue to use in every day life. The tools we are given are not just for us, either. They can easily be used with, or taught to, others. And in doing so, we further cement their credibility and power to transform in our own consciousness and core beliefs. The concepts laid out before us in this course are always relevant.

I have found myself, since the completion of this training, referring back to the material and the tools time and time again. Not for the same issues, but because each time I gain insight into the self, or heal something, I know I can use the techniques to go deeper into my own consciousness, soul, and spirit. The tools are really limitless in terms of how we can tailor them for our lives and needs. And the effects are genuinely lasting.


You can sign up for the the Quantum Life Coaching Certification through Hay House Publishing’s on-demand video service, or get more information about the course through Sandra Taylor’s website.

Travis150About the author: Travis James Sanders is a young but accomplished Clairvoyant Medium, best known for his appearance on the A&E series Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. He teaches classes and conducts readings on a professional basis, and is passionate about his work with Spirit. Visit Travis’ website and Facebook page to learn more.



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