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I Can Do It – Ignite! events are some of the hottest in the personal development calendar. Organised by Hay House Publishing, the event I attended in London spanned two full days, and was jam-packed with some of the biggest names in a new wave of accessible, contemporary spirituality such as Meggan Watterson, John C. Parkin, Kyle Gray, Mastin Kipp, Pam Grout and more.


For first-timers, the sheer volume of information, positivity and energy that accompany an I Can Do It event is enough to make you feel like a space shuttle ready for blast-off – and Ignite! sure does what it says on the tin. Catering to a hip, young audience, the lineup is geared towards the fast-paced, hectic, modern lifestyles of today. As such, the speakers offer poignant opportunities to see daily life through the lens of a higher way of living.

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One such speaker, Kate Northrup, was a definite highlight for me. In her first UK appearance, she shared the experience behind her book, Money: A Love Story. Now, I have to confess that I am not exactly on the ball when it comes to keeping a watchful eye over my finances. Kate will be the first person in over 30 years to have put such an appealing and enlightened slant on it to have actually made me less resistant to the whole shebang. She’s made me see that taking care of my finances can become an act of enjoyable self love, rather than the drudgery I’d come to expect. This is no mean feat for Ms Northrup to have accomplished.

When it comes to money we need to bring emotions back to the table, because money is simply value.

– Kate Northrup, author of Money: A Love Story

As a brilliant little side-nugget of confirmation, during her talk Kate happened to mention that she’d always felt more spiritually connected during airplane flights – something that I’ve experienced myself time and time again. A NASA astronaught who just happened to be in her audience one day confirmed this phenomenon. He explained that at high altitudes there is a greater concentration of positive ions in the atmosphere that can actually open you to higher consciousness. Now you know!

Another new face to me, Sandy Newbigging, had every female member of the audience’s full attention. Trust me, it happened. The subject of meditation through the melodious notes of Sandy’s Scottish accent could not have been more enthralling – or charming. The guy has a great sense of humour, too. Sigh.

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Sandy echoed a lot of what I’ve heard over the years from material centred around the Law Of Attraction. Before discovering meditation he had achieved all of his life goals – he had the girl, became an author, travelled the world and appeared on TV but, much to his frustration, he still wasn’t happy. Sandy advised us to get really clear on what we actually want and why we want it. We want the things we do because we believe that outer experiences will create an inner experience. The opposite is actually true – you have to look inside, not outside, for the inner experiences of joy, love, abundance and all that other good shit. And I agree with the man – meditation is one of, if not the, most powerful ways to get there that I know of.

The trick is not to postpone the inner experience. Stop looking for it outside.

– Sandy Newbigging, author of Mind Calm

I gotta tell you, Jessica Ortner rocked my world with her Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) demonstrations. It’s not a therapy I’ve had a ton of experience with, but she had us all taking part during the course of her talk and I could feel the effects massively! I loved the demo she did with a group of chocoholics, who she literally got to tap themselves out of huge cravings right in front of our eyes.

Self sabotage is misguided self love.

– Jessica Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence

I really warmed to Jessica – she’s an incredibly authentic soul. The kind you can tell has had to go through layers and layers of self-defeating emotional patterns in order to stand as kindly and truthfully in her shoes as she does today. The beauty of EFT techniques is that you don’t have to completely eradicate any difficult thoughts that throw you off balance, which can be tremendously hard work. With tapping you are able to have the same thoughts, but rapidly remove the difficult physical reactions that accompany them. No wonder they call it a freedom technique – this is huge.

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Interestingly, the entire event carried a thread of A Course in Miracles through it. The weekend was bookended by two authors who’s work is heavily influenced by the channeled text – Robert Holden (the fantastically English Hugh Grant of the spiritual world) and Gabrielle Bernstein (picture a plugged-in Carrie from Sex & The City). It’s great to see the Course gain a new wave of exposure within the ranks of popular spiritual culture.


I Can Do It events are a brilliant way to expose yourself to the vast miriad of inspiration out there. Every time I attend one, I leave with a mind full of hope and a bunch of new books to add to my reading list. You’re setting yourself up for both a short-term boost and a long-term opening that integrates in its own time over the coming months and years.


To keep up to date with events in the UK, check out the Hay House UK website and UK Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also sign up to receive emails about news and events.

For events in the US, visit HayHouse.com and follow the US Facebook and Twitter pages.


About the author: Amity Roach is the founder of The Alternative Review. She’s a writer, designer and follower of her inner truth. Amity has surrounded herself with spiritual inspiration for as long as she can remember and aspires to be like those she most admires; a conduit for such inspiration. You can follow Amity on Twitter and on Facebook.



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