Earth Magic: Steven Farmer


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In this fascinating synthesis of core shamanic technique and indigenous, earth-based spirituality, Dr Steven Farmer outlines humanities history in relation to our mothering Earth. We discover how to use these techniques in our modern day with the central focus being on healing ourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as healing the Earth. While these teachings have a shamanic core, they are accessible to those of any path or kindred-ness with nature, earth, and spirituality.


Part one of this book, Earth Magic and Ancient Spiritual Healing Wisdom, sets the stage for the journey of wisdom the reader is about to embark on. Farmer explores the human connection to the Earth – the role of the Shaman and the spiritual ones in society, including personal and spiritual authority in relation to healing and in relation to each other.

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In part 2, Fundamentals of Earth Magic, we delve into the mystical and discuss the physical and emotional causes behind spiritual sickness, as well as the tools, helpers, guiding spirits, and ceremonial importance involved in doing the work. Some of these helpers include but are not limited to Celestial Guides, Nature Spirits, Plant Consciousness and Power Animals. And how does one connect with such guiding spirits? Through Shamanic Journey. That is, the ability to travel between the realms of the body, mind and spirit/unconscious, subconscious and higher self – each of which are mirrored within what Farmer describes as the lower world, middle world, and upper world.

Parts 1 and 2 set the stage for this work and part three, Earth Magic Healing, takes these philosophies and teaches you how to put them into practice in a healing and grounded way through the use of ceremony and intuition.


While reading this book, I tended to take all the information in first, and then put it into practice. In the reading alone one can gain a lot of insight into the self, and see long held thoughts and patterns of behavior in a different light, understanding how it may have lead to discomfort of varying degrees in your life, as well as how you could begin to heal it.

I found some of the exercises easier than others – Shamanic techniques such as journeying aren’t necessarily the same or as straightforward as guided visualisations. A piece of the self literally separates from the body, and this can take time and a personal level of comfort with the process to reach that state. When you find peace with the process and achieve a level of success with the practices, it can really open up doors to new inner world that can be quite healing and revealing.


This isn’t a book that you read through, do the exercises and are done. Healing is a ongoing process, and these techniques build upon each other to take us, at our own pace, into a journey at the rate in which Spirit leads us.This book is a manual of sorts that I’m confident you will find yourself referring to it time and time again.


Visit to learn more about Earth Magic and the work of Dr. Stephen Farmer.

Travis150About the author: Travis James Sanders is a young but accomplished Clairvoyant Medium, best known for his appearance on the A&E series Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. He teaches classes and conducts readings on a professional basis, and is passionate about his work with Spirit. Visit Travis’ website and Facebook page to learn more.



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