Money, A Love Story: Kate Northrup


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Money, A Love Story by Kate Northrup is a book that aims to get to the root cause of our individual relationships with money. Kate is an entrepreneur who created complete financial freedom for herself by the age of 28. The book is very interactive and there are lots of money-love exercises to do in each chapter.

We learn why it is essential that we change our perception of what money means to us, and why we want more of it, if we want to have a healthier relationship with our finances. She also takes us on the journey of her own love story with her life and how she met her partner.


Kate takes us by the hand and guides us through every part of the book. Her fresh and funny writing style makes her relatable and trustworthy. Some of the exercises can bring up strong emotions but Kate is the perfect running buddy to help keep a light hearted and optimistic approach to the process.

So it’s not that you can’t afford it. It’s just that you don’t value it enough to do what it would take to get it.

– Kate Northrup

One of my favourite exercises is where Kate gets us to write down our number 1 limiting belief around money and turn it on its head to give it an empowering meaning. For example, my limiting belief was; “I am financially dependent on my parents.” So I changed it to; “I am fully and completely financially free and self-sufficient!” Much better, and you can really feel the energy shift around that language instantly.

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Jennifer (right) with author Kate Northrup at the Ignite! conference in March.


Well, personally I am still on my journey towards financial independence and what I would class as ‘Financial Freedom’. We all have our own wounds when it comes to money and it can be challenging to face it head on. A lot of resistance came up for me when working through the exercises in this book, which as Kate reminds us is a good sign that these are areas we need to focus on most!

The book is very interactive and requires breaking apart your stories surrounding money – the limiting beliefs that have developed over the years, and most importantly ways to gain fast results in transforming your relationship with money. You’ll get out as much value as you put into it. It’s very much like engaging in a workshop – more than just reading a book! Using my very own money-love journal to do all of the exercises really made it a more fulfilling process and forced me to commit myself to completing them.

I found that some of the latter chapters will become more relevant as my career changes and my financial responsibilities increase. Nevertheless, it’s really helped me to take a more empowered and healthy approach to money. It is definitely one I will return to again as my financial life progresses. It is relevant for people of all ages, backgrounds, genders and beliefs.



Simply put, if you want to improve your relationship with money on any level, this book is for you.

Money, A Love Story is practical, fun and engaging – I felt fully involved in the process of taking back ownership of my money story. You can begin by taking the Money Love Quiz in the book, after which your score will tell you where you’re at on your current journey and what you can specifically gain from it. Super helpful as a starting point, so that you can clearly see where you stand.

Kate’s main aim is for readers to become financially free so that they are able to fully focus on living their lives on purpose. Worrying and stressing about money is one of the number one passion killers and keeps us away from focusing our attention on what matters most to us. So it really is all about Love (with a capital L). Practical, grounded and full of Love. Go get it!

jen150About the author: Jennifer Cain is cultivating a career as a spiritual teacher & motivational speaker and hopes to awaken other young people to their own power, so that they too can get about the business of transforming the planet! A devoted student & teacher of A Course in Miracles, keep up with Jennifer on TumblrInstagram and Twitter.




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