The Remembering Process: Joe Vitale & Daniel Barrett


The Remembering Process is a book from musician/coach, Daniel Barrett, and writer and star of The Secret, Dr Joe Vitale. It explores a new tool for attracting what you desire, creating with more ease, and living your best life.


Starting out with a look at the nature of time and the difference between Newtonian (linear) and Einsteinium (relative) time, The Remembering Process immediately dives into the ways that stepping into the ‘unified state’, as they call it (a state in which you are aware that your past and future are as accessible as the present moment), can help you to attract into your life that which you would most like to have.

It outlines the tool of ‘remembering’ by encouraging you to step into your future, after the thing you desire is attained or achieved, and remember it in the past. It’s a similar process of visualisation that is used in relation to the Law of Attraction, but it goes a step further. It allows you to acknowledge that that which you desire is already in existence at some point in the future, and to feel gratitude for that. Basically it’s visualisation 2.0!

It also outlines how this technique can be used to make the creative process smoother. They suggest that instead of forcing and pushing your artistic vision out into the world, you take time to ‘remember’ what that project looked like. The idea is, that in the future it already exists. Remembering takes much of the stress and pressure out of things, and allows you to get out of your own way and get creating.


The Remembering Process and authors Joe Vitale and Daniel Barrett.


This tool is really useful. I used it to help visualise the completion of a project that I’d been grappling with for a few days and it made the process infinitely smoother and more enjoyable. I often get caught up in pushing things, or trying and struggling to get to the end point of a project. The remembering process allowed me to let go of the stress and anxiety I was feeling around not completing the project and just get going.


A sentence that really hit home for me was one that spoke about the feeling element of the remembering process (as much of it can come off as highly cerebral). It stated, “What many people consider to be a deep desire is actually a profound fear that it won’t happen…”

I can definitely relate to that intermingled feeling of fear and desire, and will be looking out for it in future. The book talked a lot about the problem with ‘wanting’ things, and that wanting them actually drives them away from you – because all you end up doing is creating more of the experience of wanting it. The beautiful thing about this tool is that it gives you the chance to relax into the gratitude of having what you desire. It releases the fearful charge around it.

I have experienced a profound shift through reading this book and am looking forward to incorporating it into my coaching practice. I would highly recommend it, not only for its concepts and insights, but also for the snappy writing and the speed of the read.


Simply grab yourself a copy.

Emily-headshot-1About the author: Founder of The Creativity Blog, Emily Snee is a writer, comedian & coach. She began her journey when she picked up ‘Conversations with God’ in 2010. Emily is dedicated to helping everyone release their fears and get creative! Follow her comedy career on Facebook & on Twitter for daily creativity tips.


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