20/20 Practical Channelling & Intuition: Story Waters & Roger Hanson

Artwork by Marisa Redondo

Artwork by Marisa Redondo


Many of us believe that intuition is an innate ability, but struggle with its practical application in our daily lives. 20/20 Practical Channelling & Intuition is a 3-week, online course designed to take the mystery out of channelling and guide you to embrace and access your intuitive senses. And, perhaps most importantly, actually begin using and integrating them into your everyday life.

Story Waters is an author and channeller I’ve been following for years and Roger Hanson, who’s work was new to me, is also a channel, visionary artist and spiritual teacher.


All of the course materials are provided digitally – there are preliminary audio and PDF downloads to prepare you for the course, daily 20-minute exercises (also in audio format) and weekly video broadcasts, live from a panoramic view of the sea from Story and Roger’s home in Laguna Beach. During the video broadcasts, Story and Roger address any questions that have been sent in by participants – many of them speaking directly to the fears and blocks that inevitably surfaced in my own unfolding. I found these weekly check-ins with the boys so very fun, beautiful and helpful.

Story Waters and Roger Hanson. Photo via their Facebook page.

Story Waters and Roger Hanson. Photo via their Facebook page.

Many of the initial daily exercises were super accessible. Creating Random Synchronicities using the shuffle setting on an MP3 player was a particularly fun, yet profound, exercise that I still practice regularly. We were eased in, and the act of committing to the daily tasks was a game changer. I started to realise pretty quickly that I did indeed have these… intuition super powers (for want of a better phrase – that’s what it felt like at the time!), but I hadn’t fully engaged in exploring or using them, simply because I was afraid.


As the course progressed, I found some exercises considerably more challenging as old fears surfaced. One such exercise, Revealing Beings Around You, was especially confronting for me. But beautifully so. Taking a print-out of a natural texture (such as woodgrain or a stone tile), we asked the beings around us to influence our imagination, revealing their form in the texture, which we sketched onto the page. This process had me confront major childhood fears – I used to see scary creatures in patterns on china and wallpaper at my grandparents’ house. Now I know, finally, at 31 years of age, that the images my unconscious conjures up are not so scary! It took some resistance and tears to get there, but I sat there with it and moved through the fear. By the end I had sketched a very robust male entity who I felt an immediate affinity with.

Artwork by Marisa Redondo

Artwork by Marisa Redondo

Towards the end of the course, it was finally time to record ourselves channelling verbally. Argh! Bolstered by all of the support and experiences I’d had up until that moment, it was actually an extraordinarily natural and easy step. The tools we were given to get over the initial hurdle of getting a good flow going worked a treat, and before I knew it I’d recorded a 20 minute session. The details of the information that came through were incredible, but I was much more interested in, and deeply moved by, the feeling of the energy that came through me. It was a new level of the strikingly familiar “coming home” feeling (a calm and totally comforting, yet elated, sensation) I so often experience listing to or reading others’ channeled information. A week later I curiously Googled some of the more specific details of the channel and was utterly amazed to discover their accuracy, despite having never come across the information before.


Channeled materials were my first spiritual love. They’re my thing. They’ve been a huge part of my life because they swiftly and effortlessly get me into a place where I feel plugged into my own higher essence. And although I secretly hoped I might be able to do it for myself one day, I barely dared to believe it might be possible. That’s the extent to which I’d put it up on a pedestal, but the truth is that channelling and intuition really are natural abilities that, with a little willingness and support, anyone can tap into. This course had me face and move through blocks that I thought I was stuck with relatively effortlessly. My trust in, awareness of my connection to, and ability to get in direct contact with my own higher energies have been strengthened and anchored in my awareness in a profound way.


Story Waters & Roger Hanson. Photo via their Facebook page.

The final exercise, The Feel Good Day, gave us a taste of what life could truly be like if we have the courage to live in joy. And it IS a courageous act to choose to live in joy because, for so many of us, it flies in the face of our old conditioning – and requires that we release those comfortable old ways of being. Releasing conditioning (fear) is the name of the game, and this course goes a long way to clearing out so much deep-seated stuff. Story and Roger are some of the most profoundly inspirational teachers I have studied with. Committing to this course is a true shift in consciousness.


The 20/20 Practical Intuition & Channelling course is running again this month (May 2014), and will be followed by 20/20 Amplification in June, which promises to be an exhilarating new course for those who want to take their experience to the next level and further amplify their abilities. You can take the initial course alone, or both of them by signing up at Limitlessness.com.

I thoroughly recommend you check out Story Waters‘ and Roger Hanson‘s work individually – they have so much material available, from Youtube videos to ebooks. You can also keep up to date with Story and Roger on their Facebook page.


mesmallAbout the authorAmity Roach is the founder of The Alternative Review. She’s a writer, designer and follower of her inner truth. Amity has surrounded herself with spiritual inspiration for as long as she can remember and aspires to be like those she most admires; a conduit for such inspiration. You can follow Amity on Twitter and on Facebook.


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